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You have decided that you are going to go all out on your big day. And that means having one of the most professional photographers that you can find capture those special moments along with a videographer who can make your special day into a wedding. We understand, this day only comes around once in your life and you are going to make the most of it. So, one of the services that you have decided to provide for your guests is valet parking. While this is in some ways a luxury, we also know that it be be a necessity if you are having a larger wedding and you need everything to go smoothly and for the cars to be organized nicely. But let's face it, this type of service will make your guests feel like royalty and they certainly won't have to worry about their vehicles being kept safe and sound while they are enjoying your nuptials. You probably don't go out everyday looking for a valet service and you probably have never had to in your entire life so here are a few tips as you begin your search for a valet company in the Grand Rapids area.

Obviously, you can start to look online at who provides this service in your area. Write down a few of the names that look promising and start setting up some interviews in order to check each one out more thoroughly. One of the first things that you need to check into is whether the company is licensed and insured. This is crucial. Without this, there is no reason to continue with the interview. You will even want to ask to see a copy of each. Depending on where your event is being held, talk about whether there will be a need for permits. You may need to check with your local municipality just to make sure as well.

Talk about the number of guests you will be having and how many attendants they would provide based on that number. On average, a service will usually provide one valet attendant for every 50 guests. Ask the service is they will send one of their representatives ahead of time to survey the location just to make sure that the ratio holds. There may be other criteria that changes it so this is a good idea. Also, though, keep in mind that at weddings, many people show up within a 10 minute window so you may need more attendants to handle the rush at that time. Talk to the company about this.

Consider how many parking spaces are close to your location. A professional service should be able to maximize how many spaces they get out of a lot. Talk about how close the valet drop off area will be to the entrance of the venue. If the vehicles will be quite a distance away, you need to make sure that the company will provide extra help in stead of having an attendant run a block away to retrieve a vehicle. Make sure there will be preparations made in terms of weather. There is always a chance of rain, so valet attendants should be armed with umbrellas. In terms of price, quotes are made via different criteria, some companies charge by the hour and some per attendant. We highly recommend hiring a company that has been established for awhile and who can provide great references who will testify to the fact that they know their business very well and that all of your guests will be treated in a very special well. That is always the bottom line goal. As long as you do your homework and you are satisfied the company will provide a high level of service, you can't do anymore than that.

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