Some Information About Pricing

All we need from you in order to give a free quote is the following

  • The time of the pick up
    • In order to know what billing category you fall into, we need to know what time you would like your pick up time to be scheduled for. This is due to the fact that morning / afternoon and evening pick up times fall into different pricing categories.
  • The pick up location
    • For us to further the accuracy of the quote that we give you we need to know the pick up and drop off location. Although we do quote for inside and outside of our service area, we need to know that information prior to providing a quote.
  • How many people you need to transport
    • Lastly, in order to provide you with an accurate quote, we need to know exactly how many people you need to transport for the evening. There's no sense in us providing a quote for a 12 passenge party bus when you'd prefer an 18 passenger Hummer limousine.

Grand Rapids Limousine

In the event that you're still confused about or pricing we should give you some more in formation. Our pricing is based on a per hour rental. This means that if we quote a vehicle as $85 an hour that means you pay $85 per 1 single of hour use. Generally we have a minimum hour to rent a vehicle. This means that if you have a vehicle at $85 an hour and have to rent it for 3 hours, you will pay $255 to rent this vehicle. This is based on $85 x 3 hours, equaling $255. Simple, right?

Another factor that comes into play is whether or not we're taking to a destination and dropping you off, or we're taking you a destination and bringing you back. If it's the former, then you may accrue charges that take place in order for us to get our vehicle back to home base. If it's the later, then don't fret. You'll be charged an hourly rate just like normal.

Of course there are many more factors come along with pricing. Every situation is different so if you feel that your own personal function or event has not been mentioned then feel free to check the FAQ and then contact us. We'll be more than willing to assist you with your needs.

Great Quality Service

From the moment you call to schedule your limousine service with us, you'll quickly see how simple it is to do. Our reservation specialists will walk you through the process with ease and you'll have an event scheduled before you know it.

Safety is top Priority

Our drivers are mostly former or current school bus drivers so clearly you can understand that the safety and security of their passengers is their top priority. When you drive with them you can ensure that safety is their number one concern.

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